DETERMINED PIONEERS WALKED ACROSS THE GREAT PLAINS and then settled in a dry desert with conditions that seemed unrelenting. The life they had chosen was not an easy one. Each day the pioneers had to commit themselves to the work. Rising with the sun, they would wake to care for their animals and tend to their fields. This commitment to work shaped the lives of the pioneers. Their success was dependent upon their industriousness.

Bringham Young University Lee Library L. Tom Perry Special Collections; MSS P 1

Unafraid of work and unwilling to be idle, the pioneers became skilled farmers and master craftsmen. By using their skills and collaborating together, the people were able to create profitable livelihoods. Self-sufficiency and independence were integral parts of their life. Individuals and families had to work hard and work together to conquer the untamed wilderness and lay the foundation for successful settlements.

Without machinery to assist them with their projects, much of the work was done by hand and required many labor hours.

The planar was used to smooth, shape, and straighten the uniform planks of wood used for building.