The adjoining cemetery marks the final resting place of many Central Utah settlers who died beginning in November 1849 and into the early 1850s. Death was very much a part of the pioneer experience. The beliefs and values of the pioneers helped them to feel hopeful when facing the loss of loved ones.

The individuals buried in the Manti City Cemetery led unique and difficult lives, but their histories all converged in Central Utah. Look closely at the headstones to discover untold western stories from explorers, doctors, Native Americans, and fortune seekers who once passed through the area.

First Grave - Laverne Nelson

The earliest deaths recorded in Manti were retold in a letter to Brigham Young:

February 20, 1850:
“Four deaths have occurred in the Camp since we arrived, namely Nelson Higgins’ youngest child, Mr. Shomaker’s son (about 17 years old), John Warner’s child (which died at birth), and Bro. Cable’s daughter (about one year and three months old).”