gathering-to-zion1-captionTHE MORMON PIONEERS had an all-encompassing purpose in leaving their homelands and gathering to Utah. The pioneers sought a place where they could help build Zion, a community organized and based on religious ideals.

The first wagon train arrived in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1847. Thousands of pioneers followed, and by 1868, between 60,000 and 70,000 Mormon pioneers had immigrated to the West.

After reaching Salt Lake City, many pioneers continued on to outward settlements in Central Utah. Beginning with Manti, Mt. Pleasant, Spring City, Ephraim, and Wales served as places of safety where the pioneers could freely practice their religion. Later, Fairview, Fountain Green, Moroni, Gunnison, Chester, and Centerfield were also settled.

On Board an Emigrant Ship - The Breakfast Bell

Susan McMullin Ray with children, Ruby, Vern (baby), and Ireta