Breaking Sod - Anne H. SabeyLEAVING FROM STATES SUCH AS ILLINOIS AND IOWA THE EARLY PIONEERS TRAVELED over 1,200 miles to reach their destination in Central Utah. These early settlers abandoned their homes and livelihoods to cross the treacherous and unfamiliar expanse of the western United States. Along the way, they faced illness and fatigue, but they did not turn back. Faithfully surrendering their fates into the hands of their God, they fixed their eyes on the Lord and focused their hearts on a gathering of saints in a land called Zion. With faith, the pioneers were able to complete their journey.

Greeted by the barren and unforgiving wilderness of Central Utah, the pioneers, moved to action by their faith in God, were able to till the soil, bring life-giving water to the arid land, find ways to work together for protection and survival, and establish a new home.