faith-and-miracles1-captionMORMON PIONEER JOSEPH TAYLOR’S JOURNAL contains an account of a miracle he witnessed while building the temple:

Joseph Taylor served as the timekeeper during construction of the Manti Temple. As timekeeper, he would walk the temple grounds, recording the hours of labor volunteered and ensuring the welfare of each community member during their assigned shift. Each day, he would take the same route, carefully checking on the men and recording their hours.

One day, as Joseph was about to start his usual route, he felt impressed to begin his recording at the opposite side of the temple grounds. Instead of proceeding along his usual path, Joseph turned around, collected his notepad and documents, and headed the opposite direction. Joseph walked along, greeting the workers and recording the time, until a group of men quarrying stone drew his attention.

Faith and Miracles2-rev

The men had been quarrying stone underneath a ledge on the hillside. Joseph felt that he should call the men to emerge from the precarious outcropping. Answering his call, the men scurried out and came to meet Joseph. After all the men had emerged, the ledge gave way, sending dirt and debris flying into the air.

Like so many pioneers before him, Joseph Taylor faithfully followed a series of subtle impressions. As a result, the men quarrying stone were spared injury or death, and the work on the temple continued.