1825 – 1905

The fifth son, tenth child of James Allred and Elizabeth Warren, James Tillman Sanford Allred was born in Bedford County, Tennessee, 28 March 1825. Four additional children joined the family, making a total of fourteen children. In the year 1830 the family moved to Missouri where they were introduced to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Under the tutelage of George M. Hinkle, Father James Allred and a number of the members of the Allred family joined the Church on 10 September 1832

Early in 1835 the family moved to Clay County, Missouri, where ten-year-old James Tillman Sanford Allred was baptized, 22 February 1835. Within two years the family moved to Caldwell County, and when Church members were driven from Missouri in the spring of 1839, they joined in the general move to Illinois.

Eliza (Elizabeth) Bridget Mainwaring (1821-1866), a convert from England, lived in the Allred home while working as a cook in the Nauvoo Mansion House. Becoming acquainted and falling in love, James Tillman Sanford and Eliza Bridget were married 23 November 1845.

Expelled from their home in Nauvoo, James Tillman and Eliza Bridget were with the Saints crossing the Mississippi River on February 9,1846. That summer James Tillman, accompanied by his new bride, became part of the Mormon Battalion, Company A. When they reached Santa Fe they were dispatched with a group to Pueblo where they were to spend the winter. Low rations, lack of water and day after day of unending hardship was their lot. Eliza Bridget gave birth to their first son 8 September 1846. The baby died that same day. Taking time to bury the infant, James Tillman could hardly catch up with the rest of the company due to his weakness from exhaustion and exposure. After wintering in Pueblo and their battalion assignment completed, they journeyed westward, arriving in Great Salt Lake Valley 29 July 1847, just one week behind the first pioneer group.

James Tillman took part in the earliest planting of grain and building a fort for their settlement. In the spring of 1849 James Tillman was sent east to establish a ferry on the Platt River, and shortly after his return to Salt Lake, President Brigham Young called the young couple to go to Sanpete Valley to help with the establishment of a new settlement.

In 1852, James Tillman and Eliza Bridget were joined by his parents and other family members in establishing Allred Settlement (Spring City), about 16 miles northeast of Manti. However, with the outbreak of the Wakara War hostilities in July 1853, the settlers fled to the protection of the fort at Manti. Following council, James Tillman and Eliza Bridget left Manti 17 December 1853 with about fifty families, most of them Danish people, and close Allred relatives, with the intent of commencing a new settlement to be called Ephraim.

At the spring conference of 1856, James Tillman was called to go on a mission to the Piute Indians at Las Vegas, New Mexico, to work among the Indians and to act as an interpreter. At the conclusion of the mission he returned to Sanpete County, living at Ephraim from 1858 to 1862. He then lived for a time at Circleville, Utah, where Eliza Bridget died in 1866. By 1870 his residence was Spring City, Sanpete, Utah.

James Tillman enjoyed working with hides, tanning them to make harnesses, cinches and other leather goods. He was noted for making ropes of hemp and for making gloves out of buckskin. The husband of four wives and father of seventeen children, eight boys, nine girls, James Tillman Sanford Allred died 28 March 1905 at Spring City, Sanpete County, Utah, where he is buried in the Spring City Cemetery.

Married Eliza Bridget Mainwaring (1821-1866), 23 November 1845, Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois

Married Margaret Mainwaring (1820-1888), 12 April 1856, Ephraim, Sanpete, Utah

Married Fanny Perlima Shantaquint (1842), 13 December 1862, Salt Lake City, Utah

Married Pulina Jane Allred (1833-1910), 29 Nov 1875, Salt Lake City, Utah




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